Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Method

There are over 1000 "Classics" to read according to Penguin's List. That's a lot of books, and you can get them all for just under eight grand. I'm going to pass on that great offer and use a mix of audio books, purchased books and library books to accumulate the necessary tomes. I went through the list and found that I have read over 100 of the books already. Now, some of these I read in high school and I don't remember them too well. I'll be rereading or at least reviewing these when the time is right. Here's how this blog will look:
1) When I start a new book I will highlight some info about the author and the significance of the book. If you'd like to read it with me, you'll have the opportunity.
2) After finishing the book I'll give an overview of the characters, main points, and perhaps touch on its greater meaning.
3) Every so often I'll throw in a review from a book I've already read.

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